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Posted by Las Pupusas ( para quien pidio la rceta en Ingles.) on 06/13/04 - 19:40:14
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Recetas' Body

Pupusas are " tortillas" made of corn dough, with a filling of cheese or " chicharron" or fried beans  or mixed:  fried beans and chicharron.  

Step #1-- How to prepare the dough:
         At the supermarket purchase a package of MASA HARINA ( you will see the label,there are several  brands, but if it reads : Masa para tortillas, that is the right one)  

On the package you will find the instructions of how to work this dough.  Be careful with the water you will add to the flour,  too much is no good, to little it will feel  hard. The dough ought to be malleable.

Once the dough is ready, cover it  with a clean humid dish cloth. Set it aside.

Now you will prepare  the filling.For instance if you want Pupusas de  Queso ( Pupusas with cheese feeling)
Purchase:  Fresh cheese and hard cheese.Grate it,
make three cups. Ought to be a very fine grating.
4 tablespoon of  real cream ( not  Sour cream)
If you live near a store where you find LOROCOS try half to  one  cup of Lorocos.
Add a little sal to your taste.

Make a paste of all of this,  making sure the paste is NOT liquid. Careful, it should not be running.
Set this mixture aside.

here goes :
Purchase in a Latin market l  1/2 cup of chicharrones ( do not confuse this chicharrones with the mexican chicharron )
1/2 cup of water.
4 tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1 green pepper
one onion.
salt to your taste

Procedure:  Fry the chicharrones in its own grease
Once fried, put it into the blender  together with four or five tomatoes( mediums) also de green pepper and  the onion.
( if you rather do not fry the chicharrones then use this other method:  Put 3 cups of water to  boil,  add the chicharrones to the boiling water, let them sponch in the boiling water  for about 10 minutes. Now peel the tomatoes removing the seeds, in a way that  you have  just the pulp.

Let them cool off, when the chicharrones are cooled then put them in the blender with the tomatoes and salt to your tastse.  You will have  2  cups  of chicharrones. ( if you wish  you can add to the mixture, the grease from the chicharrones this way the pupusas won't be so hard.)

NOW:  Do you want to make  REVUELTAS?
( beans  and chicharrones)  fry the beans  with garlic and onion ,mash them if you wish)You can use the beans from can.

Once they are  fried you can mix them with the chicharron mixture.
 Okay!  NOW we proceed to finish making the pupusas:  
From the dough you set aside,  take  about three big spoonful of it  and make a little ball.
Flaten this ball with your two hands and begin  making it  round. Once it is round pat it flatten
now put this flatten ball over a cloth on the counter/   Put  now the filling you wish, chese, or chicharron or  revuelta.
Now you make the lid by making another little ball, flatten it, round it. Cover the  first one, the one with the filling. Touch the edges so the filling won't go out.  

Continue doing all the  pupusas in this maner.
The hot  griddle (  pancake griddle)  has to be very, very hot. 350 is hot enouhg
It is hot already:  okay, put on it the first pupusa, and the next  and the next  and the next.
Once the side is  golden, turn it over to the other side.  They must be golden, golden brown,  but not  burnt...and that is all !
Good luck !


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